Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where do you deliver?
A We offer FREE delivery to most of Lake, Orange and Seminole counties. Basically a 25 mile radius around Orlando, imagine a circle from Mount Dora to Sanford to Oviedo to Kissimmee to Clermont. If you have a location in question, reach out to us before ordering.

Q When is delivery?
A All orders are delivered Saturdays between 8am-5pm. Occasionally, if we have a busier route, delivery might be slightly outside that window and we'll do our absolute best to communicate that with you.

Q Are your cold brews vegan/gluten free?
A All of our cold brew, milks, and flavors are gluten free (even our Oatly oat milk). All options are also vegan except when ordered with half & half.

Q How does a subscription work?
A Subscriptions are the perfect way to always have coffee stocked in your fridge! You can choose to have cold brew delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and can edit or cancel at anytime. On your first delivery, you'll get a free cooler bag along with your cold brew. All subscriptions also get a 19% discount.

Q What do I do with the empty jug?
A  Reuse or recycle it! You'll get a new one with each delivery, just leave your cooler bag outside your front door and we'll place your order inside. 

Q How will I know my order has been delivered?
A As soon as your order has been left at your door, you'll receive an email notification. 

Q How do I add a tip to a subscription?
A At the bottom of our home page there's a product titled "Tip" that can be purchased on a recurring basis just like your subscription.

Q How long is the cold brew good for?
A In the fridge, our cold brew is best within 7 days (with milk) and 14 days (without milk).

Q What makes your cold brew different than iced coffee?
A Iced coffee is simply hot brewed coffee poured over ice. Heat brings out the bitter flavors in coffee and is accentuated when it's turned into iced coffee. Our cold brew is brewed with cool water over 16 hours to bring out all the smooth nuanced flavors, without the unwanted bitterness.

Q What's your best seller?
A 1/2 gallon vanilla cold brew with half & half delivered every 2 weeks. This gets you 8 cups of not too sweet but just right cold brew. If you're looking for something on the sweeter side, caramel is the way to go.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at cupsandpupscoffee@yahoo.com and to learn more about who we are visit https://cupsandpupscoffee.com/